About Us

Welcome to Craft Beer Girls - the globe's most expansive community of women united by their love for craft beer. We are not just about beer; we are about weaving connections, fostering passions, and sharing experiences in a warm, inclusive space.


Craft Beer Girls was established to provide a platform for women and non-binary individuals across the world, to connect over their shared enthusiasm for craft beer. What started as a small group of like-minded individuals has now grown into the largest global virtual community of craft beer aficionados.


Our community is composed of brewers, enthusiasts, consumers, experts, and beginners, all united by our shared passion for craft beer. We pride ourselves on promoting inclusivity and diversity in an industry that is often perceived as predominantly male. We challenge that stereotype every day by creating a safe, inviting space for women and non-binary individuals to connect and thrive.


We believe that beer is about more than just the drink - it's about the culture, the community, and the shared experience. Whether you're a seasoned craft beer enthusiast or someone who's just starting to discover the joys of craft beer, we'd love to have you!


Our community thrives on diversity, with subgroups that cater to a wide array of interests, ranging from gardening, cooking, and pet care, to travel, and much more. At Craft Beer Girls, we believe that our varied passions and interests add unique flavors to our conversations, much like the unique profiles of the craft beers we adore.


We are dedicated to fostering an environment where our members can thrive:


  • Connective: Our platform offers an avenue for women and non-binary folks worldwide to connect, converse, and share their experiences related to craft beer and beyond.

  • Inclusive: We provide a safe, supportive space that celebrates diversity and encourages members to share their unique perspectives, experiences, and expertise.

  • Enriching: Our vibrant subgroups offer our members the opportunity to explore diverse interests and learn from one another, further enriching their community experience.

  • Educational: We help you understand the complexities of craft beer, from understanding different beer styles to brewing techniques and food pairings.

  • Inspirational: We share stories about women succeeding in the craft beer industry, showing you that there's a place for everyone in this community.

  • Fun: We believe in keeping things light and enjoyable, and our community frequently organizes get-togethers, beer outings, and interest-specific events.


Join us at Craft Beer Girls and become a part of our thriving global community. Here's to fantastic beers, boundless interests, and beautiful friendships!