Interest Subgroups

Craft Beer Girls interest-based subgroups are designed to bring together members with specific interests related to craft beer. Here's a brief overview of what you can expect from our various subgroups:


Beer & Bites Foodie Group: Love pairing craft beer with delicious food? This subgroup is perfect for you! Share your favorite food and beer pairings, get recipe inspiration, and discuss all things foodie.


Best Friends Group Link

Best Friends - pets: Dedicated to celebrating the special bond between you and your furry companions? Here, members can share photos, stories, and advice about their beloved pets, as well as discuss topics related to pet ownership, such as training, health, and nutrition.


Books and Beer Group LinkBooks & Beer Book Club: Combine your love for reading with craft beer! Join our book club and read a new book every month, while discussing it with fellow members and sipping on your favorite craft beer.


Crafts and Crafts Group LinkCrafts & Crafts - Arts & Crafting: Get creative with craft beer! This subgroup is for members who enjoy crafting with beer-related materials, such as beer bottles, labels, and caps. Share your DIY projects and get inspired by other members.


Fitness, Health, and Wellness Group LinkFitness, Health, and Wellness: Want to enjoy craft beer while maintaining a healthy lifestyle? This subgroup is for you! Share your tips for balancing health and beer, discuss low-alcohol options, and learn about the benefits of beer.


Entrepreneurs and Mentorship: A dynamic community within the craft beer industry that brings together women entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners. This supportive group offers mentorship, guidance, and networking opportunities for women looking to start their business ventures, fostering a collaborative environment where members can share their experiences, exchange knowledge, and empower each other to thrive in the industry.


Button for Gardening

Gardening: A community of beer enthusiasts who share a passion for craft beer and gardening, coming together to exchange knowledge and experiences. This group combines the joy of brewing and tasting unique beers with the satisfaction of nurturing and cultivating plants, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for women with similar interests.


Homebrew Group LinkHomebrew: Interested in brewing your own beer? This subgroup is for you! Get tips and advice from experienced homebrewers, share your brewing experiences, and learn new techniques.


Pints & Parenthood: A welcoming community that caters to beer-loving moms who want to connect with like-minded individuals. This group provides a platform for mothers to share their experiences of balancing parenthood with their appreciation for craft beer, fostering a supportive and understanding environment where they can bond over a pint while exchanging parenting tips and stories.


Sports Fanatics: A spirited community of women who share a love for both craft beer and sports. This lively group brings together beer enthusiasts and sports aficionados to enjoy watching games, cheering on their favorite teams, and bonding over a cold pint of craft beer, creating an energetic and supportive environment where members can celebrate their dual passions.


Travel Group LinkTravel: Love to explore new breweries and beer destinations? Join our travel subgroup and share your experiences, ask for recommendations, and plan your next beer-centric trip.


Relationships, Romance, and Advice: A supportive community where women come together to discuss matters of the heart while enjoying their favorite craft beers. This group provides a safe space for members to share their experiences, seek relationship advice, and explore the intersection of craft beer and romance in a welcoming and understanding environment.


We're constantly evolving and adding new subgroups to our community, so stay tuned for more opportunities to connect with like-minded craft beer enthusiasts!