CBG Community First-Round Reimbursement Program

Welcome to the First-Round Reimbursement Program for Craft Beer Girls events! We are thrilled to introduce this initiative designed to foster camaraderie, community, and most importantly, the appreciation for craft beer amongst our Craft Beer Girls (CBG) members.


This program provides financial support to CBG administrators, offering reimbursements for the first round of craft beers purchased at official CBG events. Through this program, we aim to alleviate potential financial barriers, fostering an inclusive environment where all our Craft Beer Girls community members can partake in the joy of craft beer appreciation together.


With this initiative, we not only aim to strengthen the bonds within our existing Craft Beer Girls community but also hope to welcome new members into our fold, expanding our shared passion for craft beer and enhancing our vibrant community. Funds generated from the purchases of our Merchandise collections will be used to sustain this program, underlining the tangible impact of your support for the Craft Beer Girls community. This program is just one of the many ways we strive to support local craft beer culture and our passionate CBG community.


Please read on for more information about the eligibility, reimbursement process, and other important program details.


Program Details

  1. Eligibility: This program is open to all CBG administrators organizing Craft Beer Girls events in their respective State groups. The event must be publicly announced and advertised through official Craft Beer Girls channels to be eligible. Private gatherings or events not listed on our official platforms are not eligible.

  2. Reimbursement Amount: The program covers the cost of the first round of craft beers for each event attendee who arrives within one hour of the event's start time. The reimbursement will be up to $60 per event unless otherwise approved for a larger amount. The total reimbursement amount for each event will be $60, which includes $50 allotted for the purchase of the first round of craft beers, and $10 set aside specifically for a 20% tip, in recognition of the services provided by the staff at our chosen venue.

  3. Tip Guidelines: For service gratuity, we strongly recommend tipping at a rate of 20% of the total bill. This promotes a positive relationship with the venues we frequent and acknowledges the hard work of the service staff that contribute to our enjoyable Craft Beer Girls events.

  4. Proof of Purchase: Admins must provide original, itemized receipts as proof of purchase. Receipts must clearly detail the cost of each drink and the type of craft beer purchased. Handwritten or non-itemized receipts will not be accepted.

  5. Proof of Attendees: Admins must provide photographs of the event. At least one group photo is required, but we encourage many photos to be taken and shared!

  6. Application Process: To apply, admins must fill out the reimbursement application form two weeks prior to the event. The form will ask for details about the event, including the date, location, and anticipated number of attendees. Applications will be approved; then, admins will pay for the first round of beers on the day of the event. Following the event, admins must submit the necessary documents for reimbursement.

  7. Application Deadline: Applications for the First-Round Reimbursement Program must be submitted within 14 days of the event's start. Late applications may not be considered.

  8. Follow-Up Deadline: Follow-up documentation must be submitted via this form within seven days of the event's conclusion.

  9. Reimbursement Disbursement: Upon approval, reimbursements will be disbursed within 4-6 weeks. Payments can be made through Zelle, PayPal, Cash App, or Venmo, as per the preference indicated in the application form.

  10. Inquiries: For any questions or clarification about the program, please reach out to Lindsay at lindsay@craftbeergirls.com.


Additional Details

  1. Prior Approval: In case of special events where more than $50 reimbursement may be needed, admins should contact Lindsay at least a month in advance for approval.

  2. Reimbursement Limitations: The reimbursement covers only the cost of craft beers. It does not cover the cost of food, other drinks, or gratuity.

  3. Event Promotion: To help ensure the success of your event and the eligibility of the reimbursement program, make use of all official Craft Beer Girls channels for promotion. Regular updates about the event, such as reminders and countdowns, can also be beneficial.

  4. Event Reporting: After the event, along with the receipts and photographs, consider providing a brief summary of the event, including how many people attended, the types of beers sampled, any noteworthy interactions or learnings, and any feedback for improving future events.

  5. Member-Specific Purchases: Please note that the First-Round Reimbursement Program specifically caters to Craft Beer Girls (CBG) members attending the event. The reimbursement for the first round of craft beers is applicable only to those beers purchased for CBG members who attend the event. Any beers purchased for non-members or for members not present at the event will not be covered under this program. 

  6. Event Sign-In Procedure: A sign-in process will be essential for all Craft Beer Girls events. Every attendee must sign in upon arrival, confirming their CBG membership and attendance. This allows us to accurately track attendance and manage the first round reimbursements effectively. Admins will have access to the CBG Event Sign-In Sheet that captures each member's essential information.

  7. Reimbursement Inquiries: If you have not received your reimbursement within the stipulated 4-6 weeks, please contact Lindsay at lindsay@craftbeergirls.com.

  8. Continued Participation: Administrators can participate in the reimbursement program for multiple events, as long as each event meets the eligibility criteria and administrators adhere to all the program guidelines.

  9. Abuse of Program: Any misuse or abuse of the program, such as fraudulent claims, will result in disqualification from future participation and may result in further action.

  10. Alternative Options: If any Admin feels uncomfortable with the reimbursement process, we are more than willing to explore other avenues or offer support to ensure we make it as accessible and hassle-free as possible.


Support from Local Breweries

As part of the Craft Beer Girls community commitment to support and encourage local craft beer culture, Lindsay (or the Admins, if they prefer) will actively reach out to the breweries being considered for our events. Our aim is to establish collaborations that can benefit our Craft Beer Girls events, including arranging for potential discounts or special offers exclusive to our attendees. These efforts not only foster a stronger relationship between the Craft Beer Girls and local breweries, but they also enhance the overall experience for our event attendees, making each gathering more enjoyable and memorable. Please note that these collaborations are subject to the willingness and policies of each individual brewery, and discounts or specials may not always be available.


We sincerely thank everyone for their patience and their open-mindedness as we navigate this new program together, continuously working to refine and enhance it for the benefit of our entire Craft Beer Girls community.


Please note: Craft Beer Girls reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time without prior notice. It is recommended to verify the program details before organizing an event.