Inviting Collaborations: Stirring Up Change with Craft Beer Girls

Hello, craft beer enthusiasts and change-makers! 🍻


At Craft Beer Girls, we are more than just a thriving global community of beer aficionados; we're a movement. As we journey through the vibrant world of craft beer, our focus isn't just on flavor and froth. We aim to transform the industry landscape by empowering women and non-binary individuals, celebrating diversity, and creating inclusive narratives.


Why Partner with Craft Beer Girls?

  • Passionate Audience: Align with a community that’s passionate not only about craft beer but also about championing inclusivity and diversity in the industry.

  • Drive Impact: Your collaboration isn't merely a business move; it's a step towards making the craft beer world more inclusive, one brew at a time.

  • Innovative Initiatives: With us, partnerships are anything but ordinary. Let’s ideate and craft events, brews, and campaigns that resonate with our shared ethos.


Collaboration Avenues Await:

Whether you're an established brand, a budding startup, or a non-profit organization, there's a space for you at our table:

  • Bespoke Brews: Co-create a beer that tells a story – of empowerment, unity, and the sheer joy of craft.

  • Events & Initiatives: Organize events, from tasting sessions to empowerment workshops, that resonate with our community’s spirit.

  • Educative Collaborations: Let's share knowledge – be it about brewing, entrepreneurship, or breaking barriers.

  • Merchandise & Branding: Co-branded merchandise, campaigns, or initiatives – let's give our community something tangible that embodies our shared mission.

  • Community Engagement: Engage directly with our diverse community through tailored campaigns or sponsorships.


Ready to make a splash in the craft beer community with a collaboration that truly matters?


Reach out to or fill out our partnership inquiry form.


To more brews, breakthroughs, and beautiful partnerships! 🍺❤️