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Craft Beer Girls Logo Ornament

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Celebrate the holiday season with the exclusive Craft Beer Girls Logo Ornament, a festive tribute to the craft beer community and the spirit of camaraderie it embodies. This charming ornament features the iconic Craft Beer Girls logo, proudly established in 2017, etched onto a durable, lightweight material for enduring quality.


Adorned with a sparkling gold bow and a natural wooden bead, it hangs from a rustic twine loop, adding a touch of artisanal charm to your holiday decor. Perfect for beer enthusiasts and members of the Craft Beer Girls community, this ornament not only beautifies your space but also showcases your love for craft beer culture.


Hang it on your Christmas tree, in your home brewery, or gift it to a fellow craft beer aficionado to spread the joy of the season. The Craft Beer Girls Logo Ornament is more than a decoration; it's a small, festive token that celebrates the unity and joy within the craft beer family.

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