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Hop to the World 2023 Ornament

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Celebrate the incoming year with a toast to craftsmanship and cheer with our Hop to the World 2023 Ornament. This three-tiered treasure is a craft beer aficionado’s dream, showcasing a sparkling green glitter centerpiece boldly stating "2023", symbolizing a year filled with promise and good cheer.


The second layer is a tribute to the beer connoisseur, meticulously engraved with a variety of beloved beer styles that encircle the glittery green numbers, from the rich depth of a Stout to the light crispness of a Kolsch.


Completing this ensemble is a clear backdrop, etched with delicate white illustrations of beer elements, providing a sophisticated contrast and depth to the piece. When placed against the backdrop of your holiday lights, this layer creates a stunning visual effect, allowing the festive glow to highlight the intricate details of the beer motifs.


Suspended by a natural twine and adorned with a chic ribbon, this ornament elegantly combines festivity with the passion for craft beer. The Hop to the World 2023 Ornament is not just a decoration; it's a year-end celebration of the diversity and community that craft beer brings together.

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