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Craft Beer Girls x BrüMate Hopsulator TRIO 3-in-1 Can Cooler

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Step into a world of refined exclusivity with the limited-edition Brümate Hopsulator TRIO 3-in-1 in the captivating glitter charcoal finish. This is not just any can cooler—it's a rare blend of elegance, function, and artistry, available only in limited quantities.


Adorned with the distinct Craft Beer Girls logo in crisp white ink, this Hopsulator showcases your love for craft beer with unmatched style. The glitter charcoal hue not only adds a touch of luxury but also promises to be a standout in any collection.


Given its limited availability, this Hopsulator promises to be a prized possession for true enthusiasts. Secure this collector's piece before it becomes a cherished relic of the past. Celebrate the craft, savor the exclusivity.


The Brümate Hopsulator TRIO 3-in-1 is the most versatile can cooler in the world, fitting your favorite 16 ounce craft cans and including an adapter for standard 12 ounce cans. Want to skip the can? A quick switch turns this patented 3-in-1 cooler into a 16 ounce pint glass. The Hopsulator TRIO keeps beverages 20 times colder than standard can coolers without any messy condensation. Featuring BevGuard™ technology, your drinks stay icy-cold without the metallic aftertaste.

Fits 16 oz. and 12 oz. standard cans and 375ml and 500ml. Does not fit slim cans or 12 oz. Coors cans.


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