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Wear the Damn Suit Sticker

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To honor, celebrate, and encourage women in beer, we introduce the “Wear the damn suit, and drink the damn beer” line of merchandise, a collaboration with Beer is for Everyone, a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that serves to promote diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice within the craft beer community and beyond. 


“Wear the damn suit, and drink the damn beer” is a movement that has ignited in the Craft Beer Girls Health & Wellness group. It re-writes the narrative that society tells us that our bodies must conformably fit into a certain mold. Our bodies are beautiful. Magnificent. Glorious. Miraculous. Sacred. Exquisite. We, as women, can and should wear the damn suit. Our differences should be embraced! So, this movement inscribes the message that we won’t be held back by the expectations and assumptions that society imposes on us. Working towards liberating and loving our bodies is a journey. Wherever you are today, we invite you to join us in radically loving yourself (and, of course, drinking the damn beer). Whatever that means for you, we raise a glass!


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